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If you want to tone your body, strengthen your muscles, improve your cardio or work on your flexibility, you will find at Harmony THE class that will allow you to reach your sporting objective more quickly and more safely.

In the gym or in the water, discover our group classes and sports activities given by trained, dynamic and inspiring coaches.


Find all our courses and coaches on Harmony@home!

Continue your training wherever you are and ensure the success of your sports work!

Harmony at home

Harmony Running Club

Prepare your national and international running races with the Harmony Running Club!

In collaboration with Olivier Baldacchino's Perform-CBS Company (runner-up in the 800m masters and regular participant in the NYC Marathon with a record time of 2h49 in 2016) you will benefit from a high level of personalized training.

Present in Denges and Eaux-Vives, the Running Club will give you the keys to a professional preparation and the necessary coaching to optimize your performance.

Small Group Trainings

With Small Group Trainings, no more monotonous solo sessions!

Take your training to the next level and join small training groups of up to 9 people. Under the guidance of a dedicated coach, enjoy varied, fun and athletic sessions. With their express format, from 30 to 45 minutes, each session is synonymous with a formidable efficiency for :

  • Improve your overall physical condition
  • Burn a maximum of calories
  • Tone your muscles

So let yourself be carried away by the energy of the group. Let's go !