CAF is a muscle strengthening class based on the lower body. The work is done on the strengthening of the abdominal belt (belly and waist), the buttocks (small, medium and large) and the legs (quadriceps, adductors). Optional use of small equipment (weights, elastics, dumbbells, sticks and power bars).

The coach always starts with a warm-up to prepare the body for the effort. This is followed by exercises to tone the abdominal belt, buttocks and thighs. Sometimes, the instructor proposes exercises requiring simple equipment such as dumbbells, elastics or weights. The session always ends with what is called a "cool down", characterized by stretching, flexibility and breathing exercises.

Where can I take this course?

Ailes, Blandonnet, Denges, Eaux-Vives, Gland, La Praille, Meyrin, Signy, Versoix, Veyrier