The Harmony spirit

Fitness Harmony advocatesnt a new art of living designed around balance and vitality. They give themselvesnt for mto help people understand how their bodies work and the importance of take in a sport activity, which is key to their vlife.

Each visit to Harmony's premises should be a "mini-vacation", a relaxing step, rejuvenating and energizing!

We have our own concept of formatting. It is not dictated by marketing, but by the but by the well-being of of everyone, coming to progress and train, in a natural way and with pleasure.

The Fitness Harmony guaranteedssent the integrity of its clients, aim at their greater autonomy and à themre to discover themselves in order to progress.

Luciano and Véronique Luppi founders of Harmony Fitness

Our clients are accompanied from start to finish fromin their health care process in general and their visit to our clubs in particular, in a warm and family atmosphere.

Thes programs training are specifically adapteds to each individual who determines his or her pace of training and their objectives. A fitness professional will help you choose the activity that suits you best, from among the many prestations offered, and thee suit to to to help them achieve these goals.

Enjoy your training and we look forward to meeting you in one of our clubs

Luciano & Véronique Luppi, Founders