Physiotherapist with a patient

Improve and restore your motor skills

Physiotherapy aims to improve physical health and restore motor skills using exercises, manipulations or other therapeutic techniques without the use of medication.

In order to offer you a high quality service, we have partnered with the Hôpital de La Tour, which is accredited as a Swiss Olympic Medical Center, attesting to its high level of competence and recognized experience in the consultation and treatment of elite athletes in sports medicine.

You will be able to benefit from this know-how, normally reserved for high-level athletes, right next door in our fitness clubs.

In addition, you can also take advantage of independent physiotherapists in Denges, Blandonnet and La Praille.


Turn a joint or muscle injury into physical well-being


Surgery, medical follow-up and rehabilitation center


Post-operative rehabilitation, manual and movement therapy


Personalized management protocol and individual coaching sessions for regular and adapted physical activity, in the gym or in the pool.

Muscular, articular and tendon relaxation in sauna, hammam or jacuzzi.

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