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Nov 21 2023

News December 2023

News December 2023Welcome to this month's exciting news: a SAlsa course, yoga, gifts and even... the chance to take part in the biggest fitness show in French-speaking Switzerland! On January 14, 2024, come and enjoy the Harmony experience! Join 30 Harmony coaches on stage for 6 hours of entertainment for young and old. Fun and...
Oct 25 2023

News November 2023

Find out all the November 2023 news from your favorite fitness clubs in French-speaking Switzerland!

Oct 09 2023

News October 2023

Find out all the October 2023 news from your favorite fitness clubs in French-speaking Switzerland!

June 08 2023

Harmony expands to include Martial Arts Academy

Discover this new Harmony martial arts club on Geneva's right bank!

Dec 27 2022

Nutrition: strengthening your immune system during winter

The little persistent cold that turns into the flu? Or that feeling of tiredness that lasts throughout the day and weakens us against germs and viruses? It is obvious that in winter we get sick more easily. How can our diet help us to face this period? An unbalanced diet Winter...
Oct 27 2022


Barbecues are very popular during the summer months. Whether at home, with friends or family, here are some tips and information for those who love to grill. Meat In summer, there is an increase in the consumption of meat, especially red meat, among the population because of barbecues. However, red meat should be eaten in an appropriate way...
Oct 27 2022

Food and skin

Getting color (and especially keeping it) is an activity that many dedicate themselves to in the summer. But can food improve our tan? Protect us from the sun? Or prevent our skin from aging faster? Some foods contain substances that could promote these processes. "Eat carrots...
Apr 11 2022

Easter is full of chocolate treats!

Benefits of chocolate Cocoa, present in greater quantities in dark chocolate, has demonstrated beneficial effects on health. More precisely, it is the flavanols, a category of polyphenols, present in cocoa that play an antioxidant role for our body. Thus, the consumption of cocoa or dark chocolate would improve neurological functions...
Tue 08 2022

Meet our new dietician, Lea De Stefano

Lea, a registered dietitian, offers a range of nutritional services to help you reach your goals while having fun eating. As a dietitian, I am pleased to announce my arrival at Harmony! I am delighted to continue my journey here where I hope to feed you with positive vibes and freshness ....
Jan 13 2022

Info or detox?

What does the word "detox" really mean? First of all, what does it mean to "detoxify"? Toxins are an accumulation in the body of substances that can come from pollution, pesticides, but also from the food we eat through naturally occurring toxins. On the packaging of commercial "detoxifying" products it is rarely specified the toxins...