PERSONAL trainer


Why train with a Personal Trainer?

It's simple! Training with a personal trainer is the best way to reach your goals.

Indeed, if you feel that you are not progressing or only slightly, if you feel that you are wasting your time and your motivation is decreasing or if you are afraid of getting injured, then personal training is the solution you are looking for.

Whatever your goal!

Your personal trainer will accompany you and develop a personalized program in line with your objectives, your physiognomy and your preferences. Your sport sessions will be in adequacy with your inspirations, source of motivation and satisfaction.

Strengthen your endurance

Lose fat

To fill up with energy and good mood

Develop your muscles

Tone your body

Want to go beyond your limits
with a coach who motivates and supervises you?

Julien, Florian, Céline and all our coaches are looking forward to meeting you
and discussing your inspirations.

Latest testimonials

I am an amateur field hockey player and I do my physical preparation with Julien. He set up a program based on the development of physical strength and endurance, two important qualities in my sport. Thank you Juju.
Sophie, thank you so much! Our training sessions have given me back vitality and serenity. I feel better and enjoy the finer things in life more fully. : )
Cécile gave me a lot of advice on the exercises to do to tone my body and regain a pleasant figure. I thank her for her kindness and her beautiful energy.

Want to know more

I look forward to receiving a call from the personal trainer of my choice, without obligation