A new Harmony martial arts club at your service on Geneva's right bank "
We are proud to announce that Harmony is expanding as of June 1 2023 with the integration of a new club on Geneva's right bank, in the Pâquis Sécheron in the Pâquis Sécheron administrative district. The renowned Martial Arts Academy (MAA) is now called "Martial Arts Academy by Harmony". Over the coming months, Harmony espace de sport et bien-être will become the new manager of the Pâquis Martial Arts Academy (MAA). https://www.maa- academy.ch Its name will then change to "Martial Arts Academy by Harmony".

But why such diversification?
MAA has been managed with panache since it opened in 2018. What MAA needs today an even stronger territorial anchoring, like the one Harmony has been developing for over 20 years. Although far removed from the world of martial arts, Harmony is totally in tune values of the MAA. Both entities wish to reach a wide audience to spread the values of the sport, regardless of gender, color, religion, level of practice or age (1). Like the MAA, Harmony advocates a certain sports versatility that translates into "knowing how to move", and physical and mental health (2). Like the MAA, Harmony, as its name suggests, promotes the alignment of body and mind, while respecting the environment. respect for self and others (3). All Harmony instructors, like instructors, like those at MAA, are referents in their field, with high added value in supporting their members (4).

But what does this mean in concrete terms for Harmony members?
The aim for September 2023 is to offer our members subscription options from one club to another, just as you can do now between all Harmony between all Harmony clubs. MAA, although born of a martial arts DNA, will be an additional place to practice, with all the Harmony services of a 4*: fitness studio, group classes, small group training. Harmony customers with a PREMIUM" membership will be able to take advantage of MAA classes; MAA, with a "FULL" membership will have access to Harmony clubs. Some courses will be available on a trial basis this summer; open days will illustrate these new services. We'll be sure to keep you posted. Harmony Harmony members will then be able to try out martial arts classes adapted to for all ages and levels. We'll then try to integrate you fully to a new cruising speed from September 2023. Sports classes for children (martial arts, adapted physical preparation, mobility) will also be offered. Harmony has also been developing this aspect for years (swimming schools, for example). Multi-sport courses for children are already being considered.

The entire Harmony team is delighted to be joining forces. We look forward to seeing you in our various clubs. dear Harmony members, our warmest sporting greetings.
Luciano Luppi