Christmas and excess

We can often hear ourselves saying: "it's surely very fatty and full of calories, I'm not going to eat it" "with all the food I've eaten I'm going to put on weight during the holidays" "I'll never let myself go like that again". First of all, let's remember that Christmas is only once a year and if we overindulge one day, let's not feel guilty, it happens to all of us. If there is only one objective that we should set for ourselves concerning holiday meals, it is 0 frustration and 0 guilt. The next day, we go back to a balanced and usual diet. You don't gain weight with a day of excess. If you notice extra pounds on the scale after the holidays, it is often due to water retention related to the alcohol, sugar or salt consumed during meals. But this will be regulated little by little.

In any field, it is true that pleasure is often associated with excess. So if there is one sentence to avoid, it is "today I'm letting go, I'll be careful tomorrow". Unconsciously, saying this to ourselves will ultimately lead to more abuse on our part. My advice for the holidays is to refocus on authentic and moderate pleasure. It will allow you to enjoy the holidays better by having a longer pleasure. Here is a concrete example: at the end of a big holiday meal, having another slice of log could spoil the pleasure felt throughout the meal, because of the guilt generated by this extra slice of log or by an embarrassing feeling in the stomach.

If a day of excess is negligible on the weight, it is however possible to reduce your caloric intake the day(s) before the holidays if it allows you to feel more comfortable and to better apprehend the potential excesses. The days before you can: reduce the quantities, modify the preparations so that they are less caloric (e.g. less fat) or reduce the snacks. But be careful! The goal is not to starve yourself for Christmas meals. This could lead to eating more quickly and therefore to abdominal saturation, which will prevent you from enjoying the party.

During the holidays, regular physical activity is always beneficial. Think of doing digestive walks after meals, in addition to having a good time with your family, it makes you feel better and improves your digestion. You can also come in clubs, Harmony fitness remain open during the holidays. You can check the schedule by clicking here. We also offer you training sessions directly from your home with Harmony@home.

Practical advice

Taste different things and what you want without resisting to enjoy without guilt or frustration. So how to have maximum pleasure without excess? First, listen to your body, especially your hunger and satiety. To do this, take small portions at a time that you eat slowly. Take small bites that will also allow you to savor every bite of that holiday meal. From time to time during the meal, refocus on your body to feel how you feel by asking yourself the following questions: "How do I feel? "Am I still hungry?" "Do I really want to eat more or am I doing it as a mechanism/to please myself? "How will I feel if I eat more? Sometimes a lot of dishes make up the Christmas menu so save some hunger for the next dishes and dessert. As soon as the pleasure of eating wanes, put down your services and take a break.

Enjoyment also goes beyond the meal. Don't just focus on the food, but enjoy your surroundings, your family, your friends, the discussions, the decorations. The most important thing is to have a good time. So happy holidays to all!

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Dietician HES